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To all members, spouses of members, and to those who retired from AB&W and WMATA, which were all represented by Local 689. This includes former Local 689 members which were moved to Local 2.

The Retiree’s Christmas Luncheon held on:

Thursday, December 5

10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Union Hall, 2701 Whitney Place, Forestville, MD 20747

New events will be posted or contact on of the Officers listed below


The Association Officers and Board Members ask that you reserve your place no later than the Friday prior to the luncheon. To reserve you spot, please call one of the following Officers or Board Members:

Louis SawyerPresident B/A301-248-9362 
C.P. SuggsVP Asst B/A301-367-5307301-952-0231
Fred TaylorFinancial Secretary301-350-5526 
Jesse PowellAsst Treasurer301-374-2613301-412-7327
Bernice Barnes Recording Secretary301-568-5077 
Ted ParrishAsst Secretary301-449-3124240-938-4355
William ClarkBoard Member301-523-9385 
James W. AlfordBoard Member301-856-5037240-938-4355
Gertrude Beck Board Member301-825-6683301-336-3057
Ronald IvyBoard Member301-943-2483410-695-1124
Jerome McNeilBoard Member301-704-2733301-839-8195