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June 24, 2014

President Jackie L. Jeter calls 2014 Budget passed by D.C. Council "Shameful"

ATU Local 689 President Jackie Jeter issued this statement following the passage of the $10.6 - billion budget by Washington D.C. Council today:

“The passage of the D.C. budget today is a shameful act against the people who rely on public transportation and the men and women who provide public transportation services.

The D.C. Council has now taken the first steps to remove accoun tability of public transit from the people and make profits for private companies their priority. Around the country there are examples of private contracts awarded for public transit where the cost of ridership goes up, safety issues arise, routes are discontinued and political corruption is rampant. ATU Local 689 is dedicated to overturning the proposed privatization of our system and will work tirelessly to keep public transportation accountable to the public.”

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